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21 Ways to Be More Creative

In today’s world of high-tech solutions, many of the problems our ancestors used to face on an everyday basis are now obsolete. However, some issues are here to stay. The starkest example of that would be the never-ending search for creativity.

Suppose you work in the web design or programming industry. First of all, you need some devices, apps, and programs to make your job easier. But even state-of-the-art technologies won’t help once creator’s block sets in.

If it gives you any comfort, you are hardly the only one. It would be a safe bet to say that now and then even the most talented and experienced screenwriters in Hollywood find themselves in a bit of a bind trying to come up with something original and inspiring on a pretty much daily basis.

Don’t fall into despair just yet, though, because we have something to help you. Namely, an infographic with 21 tips on boosting your creativity and finding unique solutions to your problems.

“You see, in most cases, creativity is not so much a gift as a product of dedication and conscious effort. Regardless of what people say, the keys to your creativity are in your hands. If you create the right kind of environment for yourself and adopt just a few helpful mental habits, new ideas will start popping into your head.”

For instance, taking a short break for a quick nap can help you look at familiar things through a new lens. And breaking down old ideas into smaller components and mixing them together in different ways can produce unexpected results.

Ready to learn more about the art of discovering the creativity within you? Take a look at this 21-tip infographic!

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