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List of Dos and Don’ts for SEO

Search Engine Optimization has become the essence of everything that is available online nowadays.

This has lead in a clear distinction between the weak website content and the strong website content. SEO affects the ranking of a website on various search engines.

Therefore, if the content of the website is poor, the ranking of it cannot be high.

In order to maintain your website ranking, ensure you follow this latest list of dos and don’ts.

What Tool Do You Use to Measure The Performance?

Analytics is what you need to use in order to measure your performance. Writing content randomly will not help at all, in fact, prior to writing anything, you need to find out the ranking of the keywords you are going to use. Ensure, you choose keywords that are related to your business. Do not go for small keywords ad long keywords often end up delivering the maximum results. Even if you are in the middle of writing the content, use keyword analytics to see which phrase needs attention.

What Role Do Keywords Play in The Overall Content?

Remember, your blog title should always revolve around the content and the keyword. Google allows businesses to impress their targeted audience only by using 55 characters in totality for a title. Well, this should not be a problem unless your title is not that impressive.

The body of your content should be less complex and always revolve around the topic. In fact, repetitive content should be avoided as it will do no good for your ranking.

Do You Optimize Images?

Never put an image on the website without optimizing it. Ensure to add a title or text to the creatives in order to make them visible on various search engines. For images, you need not use long keywords. If the keyword is relevant to users, Google will allow your image to rank higher. You just need to make sure your creative is traceable by search engines.

Do You Use Backlinks?

Content is always about quality rather than quantity. Your SEO will only benefit if relevant links are attached to your content. The catch here is; more the links, clumsier it looks. Internal linking should not use the webpage address more than once. Add links that intensify the user experience otherwise adding links whether internal or external is a total waste. The relevant links connect users to the relevant home page.

Is External Linking Harmful?

Excess of everything is bad. This is true for external linking as well. Now, Google punishes unnatural outbound links. This will make your content hard to reach the higher ranking. Make sure you do not add external links to your content that are banned by Google.

Do You Overuse Keywords?

Search engines look for content that is easy to understand and delivers a clear message. Overusing of a keyword can actually keep the customers at bay which minimizes the conversion. Instead of repetitive content using synonyms is a great idea. Because of this, the search engine can easily search for a topic related to your content without affecting its ranking.

Are You Using Region Specific Content?

Apart from keywords, try using region-specific keywords. For small businesses that target other businesses need to focus on region-specific keywords. As Google has introduced the local search display, now it has become more than important to use a region-specific keyword to attract local customers. If you do not have any idea regarding which local keywords will provide the best ranking then do not forget to use the analytics tool.

Are You Still Using The Archaic SEO System?

Buying backlinks, hidden links, and working with linking networks are all old methods of SEO system. Nowadays, SEO techniques have become smarter due to which search engines are obstructing the old methods of SEO. apart from restraining this type of content, the ranking of the website will highly be affected as these methodologies are no longer in use.

Are Your Web Pages Smartphone Responsive?

This is an excellent piece of advice – ensure your website loads great and quickly on any mobile. Google supports websites that are smartphone friendly. This means you ought to have links and buttons on your website that are easily shown and are clickable on phones. Remember, the size of the same will also make a huge difference.

For ranking, search engines also prefer websites that are phone friendly. Also, a mobile-friendly website is a user’s preference too.


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