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How much does it cost to build a website in Thailand?

Having a website that you’re proud of and which accurately reflects your brand is one of the most important aspects of any business. Research has even suggested that having a website can increase turnover by around 45%. Despite this, it is estimated that around two million Thai businesses still don’t have one.

There is still a lot of confusion over how much a website does, and should cost – do you need to spend thousands, or could you get away with building it yourself? And if you do pay to have a website designed, what are the ongoing costs? We get it. It’s hard to know where to start, and your research gives conflicting results.

It’s important to note that no web design company in Thailand will charge identical prices for identical services. Some companies will build a basic website and try to charge high end prices and add on further extras that you really should have got as standard with the price they already quoted.

It’s not unusual to send a price quote request to 5 or more individual web designers in Thailand and receive quotes a wide range of quotes from 10,000 Baht up to 200,000 Baht. You will be very surprised by just how much some of these web design companies in Thailand are charging their customers to build a website. Some prices are astronomical while some are just too cheap leaving you questioning how they could be so cheap or so expensive or so different in their price range.

It can be very frustrating for you as the end customer who just wants to find the best web design agency in Thailand to build you a professional website that will bring a good return of investment or do whatever job you intend it to do.

Price guide to Thai web design service costs

The prices below are average costs for a 1-5 page website design by both professional and lower end web design agencies in Thailand. This is only a guide price and you should always check the web design agencies homepage to see their latest prices.

High quality professional design company

If you are using a professional web design company in Thailand to build a responsive website, meaning your site will have a desktop, mobile and tablet version, then for a 1-5 page website you should expect to pay anything between 15,000 – 25,000 Thai baht for a high quality web design.

Low quality professional design company

If you use a low end design company who provide cheap web design services then you can expect to pay anything from 5,000 to 15,000 baht for a lower quality website design.

What to look out for when choosing a web design agency in Thailand

You will always find website design prices in Thailand will vary depending on the company you choose. There are some important points you should always look out for when choosing any web design company in Thailand and we have listed these important points below for future reference.

Please read these important points carefully as while there are many factors you must consider before selecting a web designer for your project, the below points will help you determine whether the price you pay will reflect the quality of workmanship.

Important Points

  • You should judge the website design company on their own company website. How does it look? Is is professional looking? Does it look trustworthy?
  • Does their company website work and look good on both desktop PC’s and a mobile phone? You must check their website on both devices.
  • Did you find what you were looking for on the web design agencies own website? Easy site navigation is vital for both your website visitors and search engines who use the accessibility of your web pages as a way to rank your site high or low in their search results.
  • Is their website fast when navigating back and fourth to web pages? If a site is too slow it means it has not been designed with the end user in mind and so will be penalised by search engines for being too slow with page lags.
  • Is it worth paying for a cheap web design in Thailand just to cut costs if it means your site will have bugs with a low page ranking? Cheap things have generally been designed with poorer quality materials and technology. The same applies to websites.
  • Don’t be fooled by cheap sales talk or technical jargon that you neither understand or need for your website. Designing a website is both simple and complex. It’s complex in that it has to be designed right and the web design agency if professional will know how to do this and will not try to convince you with technical words that you don’t understand. It’s simple because you need to stick to the basics and build a website that represents your brand in the best possible way, brings in as much traffic as possible, earns you money in sales leads, is a great return of investment, works across all devices and basically delivers all your goals.
  • Don’t choose the cheapest company just because you think you can save money.
  • Don’t choose the most expensive company because you think the expense means you are getting a better deal or a better website.
  • Choose a web design company based on a number of factors as listed on this page.

Please get in touch with us for a more in-depth discussions on website design prices in Thailand and how much you would expect to pay, or how to choose a web designer in Thailand.

Typical Thai web design costs

[visualizer id=”12665″]

As you can see from the pie chart the most money spent on your new website design will be on the actual design of the website.

You will also at some point need to invest in an SEO & Marketing with both on-site and off-site SEO and marketing performed in order to get your website seen and generating enquiries or sales.

FAQ About Web Design in Thailand

Below we have provided some common questions and answers about web design prices in Thailand to give you a general idea of the types of prices you might have to pay and in general information that may be of use. Please send us an enquiry via our online form should you have any questions in relation to website prices Thailand.

What are the starting prices for a genuine website design in Thailand?

For a genuine (professionally designed) website with for example 5 pages, one would expect starting costs in Thailand to be anything from 15,000 Baht up to 75,000 Baht depending on the company you choose.

What is the cheapest price for a website design in Thailand?

All web design companies in Thailand will have different price ranges for their services so it’s impossible to say what is the cheapest price one would expect to pay. Furthermore, the price of any website will depend on how complicated it is to build or how long it might take.

How much should I pay for a website in Thailand?

There is no answer for how much you should pay for a website in Thailand because the price will depend on the company you use and the services you receive. It’s always a safe bet to get multiple price quotes from a number of different web design agencies in Thailand.

Should I use a Thai freelance web designer or an official company?

Always use a professional web design company in Thailand to build your website but it doesn’t mean that freelancers are not an option. If any problems, it can happen with both company and freelancers.

We suggest you to check both before starting and would be good to meet and discuss your project face to face so you can understand with whom you’re dealing.

Is a website a product or a service

You hire a Thai web designer for the service they provide and the end product is a website design. So technically it’s 50/50 although legally the process of building a website is that it is a service not a product.

Are multi language websites more expensive?

Yes. A multi language website in for example both English and Thai will always cost more to build and create.

Are ecommerce websites more expensive than information only websites?

Generally speaking a 5 page ecommerce website will cost more than a 5 page information website. But then a 25 page information website might cost more than a 5 page ecommerce website.

Are Thai web designers cheaper than European web designers?

In almost all cases you will find website design companies in Thailand are significantly cheaper than their European counterparts. The same applies for web design companies in other countries who are very expensive such as Australia, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong and China.

You will save a significant amount of money if you choose a professional web design company in Thailand to build and manage your website as opposed to a web designer in your home country.

Next step…

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