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10 Tips for How to Find a Best Website Designer in Thailand

With everyday growing technology and business requirements, You will come to the need of website developer today or tomorrow. This is relevant to small, Medium or Big scale Companies. Your Corporate identity is no more paper, its paperless and digital. Making Corporate Identity Online is the first thing a company should consider today. This simply means you need a Website.

Did you know 38 percent of visitors stop engaging with a site if the content or layout is not attractive to the user?

If you want to keep leads on your site, you must invest in your website’s design. To have a quality website, find a website designer that can create a dream website for your business.

In this post, we’ll tell you why you should find website designers and nine tips for finding the right local web designer for your business Thailand.

When it comes to website development, there are hundreds of developers and web development companies. Its very difficult to choose the best. So here are the 10 best Tips for Finding a Good Web Designer in Bangkok,Thailand:

  1. Working Attitude

    This is the first thing you have to notice with the developer or designer you will be working with. Working ethics & Working attitude how helpful is he/she? what is the response time during initial communication? how fast does the person gets annoyed or irritated? Frankly speaking you will have to work with this same person or keep communicating with him/her for very long period of time say 2 months minimum. As a client you have to make sure you are in your best polite and awarding attitude towards the developer/designer too, This will make working relationship healthy.

  2. Google the Developer or Company Name Online

    This will give you quick feedback on their company, Policy and how they work. If you are lucky you may also find their past customer’s review or recommendation on their working style, how flexible they are and how good they are working with. Check how famous they are by googling their company Facebook account and trying to communicate in their Facebook chat to see how they respond.

  3. Look at their portfolio

    The first step to finding the best web design companies is looking at their portfolio. You want to see if they have experience with your industry. Looking at their portfolio gives you great insight into a website development company.

    You can see if a website developer has experience with your industry. If they do, you can look at examples of websites they’ve designed for companies similar to yours. It’s a great way to get insight into a company to see how they produce designs for your industry and if you like their designs.

    If they don’t have experience with your industry, you can still look at their portfolio to see their design style. It’s a great way to understand a company’s design style and see if it fits with what you like.
    Taking a look at a web designer’s portfolio will help you see what they can potentially create for you.

  4. Communicate Directly

    This is a proper way to get your big and functional projects done. If its only a corporate website or small identity website its perfectly alright to communicate with their sales person as they are Good enough to explain how the whole process may work. But if you are planning to work on bigger projects which has complex programming and functionality then i will like to recommend you speak directly with the programmer or lead project leader. Because they can explain you well on how the whole process will technically work. Project leaders or developers themselves will have a fast and clear understanding of what programming language they will use or how the steps or process be like. And they can even recommend you with your logic on the way.

    Programming Logic and your Idea may not go flow to flow so discussing with a developer directly may help.

  5. See if they offer additional services

    When you try to find a website developer, you want to see if they offer additional services.

    As you build your customized site, you may find that you’re going to different services. You may need search engine optimization (SEO) to promote your website or providing domain name and web hosting solutions.

    You want to find a website designer that offers more than just web design. Look for a full-service company that provides other services. It’s a great way to keep your campaign cohesive and all in one place.

  6. Discuss About Free Support Period After Website Development

    Many company offer free support upto 3 months, this is a good grab. Please make sure this is indicated well in the quotation before you start working. You will need minimum 1 month to find all the issues and fix them all after website is Live. There may be few unseen bugs or issues with website that will only occur in certain conditions so make sure you have good time to check and let your developer fix it within your free support period.

  7. Ask about coding language and trends in web design & development

    This is important, try to follow trend of development don’t allow your developer to use outdated technology to develop your website this will save a lot of your future trouble. Imagine you want to cancel your current contract with your current developer. The new developer will check your full website code before taking over the job, if its not written well or in proper structure they may not be interested to work on it or it may simply cost you a lot of money. Some famous Languages used for website development are : Html5, CSS3, PHP, JS. Some Famous CMS are WordPress. Famous eCommerce Platform is Woo-Commerce.

  8. Ask lots of questions about the web designer’s process

    Many aspects of web design can be hard to understand if you’re not familiar with the industry.

    The very best agencies and freelancers will have no problem sitting down and explaining exactly what they do, how they do it, and why it’s beneficial to your business.

    If they’re using terminology you’re unfamiliar with and spouting wild promises, tell them to slow down and explain in more detail. Failure to do so is a big indicator that you should be cautious moving forward with that specific web design option.

    Ambiguity, in general, is a red flag, and can be indicative of rushed work, “one size fits all” solutions, and shady sales tactics.

  9. Check out pricing

    Your budget is an important part of your business. You want to find a web design company that you can afford. By checking out the pricing for website designers, you can see who will work with your budget.

    This can be a tricky task because it’s hard to pinpoint an exact price for building a website. The cost depends upon what all you need on your site. Someone who needs a simple site will pay less than someone who needs an in-depth website. In this article we covered ” How much does it cost to build a website in Thailand?“.

  10. Read client testimonials

    The next step is to look at client testimonials. Client testimonials give you insight into a company and the type of work they do for their clients. When you aren’t familiar with a website developer, client testimonials, as well as reviews, help you see if a web design company will provide you with great services.

    Companies that have dozens of client testimonials typically provide great service for their clients. People are happy to talk about the positive experience they have with a company. When dozens of people are sharing that same positive experience, it’s a good sign that a web design company is a good company.

I hope above tips will help you find a good web designer in Thailand, We at #AltinDesign Make sure everything is Covered. We take full responsibility of work, working flow and structure. We will make sure you meet real developer before the work is engaged or even started. With every project we make sure you are quoted for full package website, from start as Website Layout design to programming until its Live. The best part is we provide 3 months free support so you have enough time to check the job and report to us for any known issues.

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