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7 Great Website Design Principles

Website designing can be exceptionally difficult when it comes to the technical side of things. It requires a lot of consideration in achieving a pleasing visual design and to make it easier to use. To be fair, website designing does matter on an individual’s capabilities, experience and creativity.

However by simply following these pointers, anyone can change their webpage into a design that will both be pleasing and usable.

Here are seven principles that can guide you through the making and designing of a good website.

Usability and Functionality

This is among the most important technical factors that we need to give importance to in the case of web design. The links and buttons should take precedence in design for usability and functionality of the webpage. The links should be clickable and shouldn’t prompt to a broken link, every button should be functional and fast to open, and they should be positioned correctly so visitors require as little effort as possible to move onto the next step.

So in order for us to achieve an easy, with a better chance and higher rate of conversion with a positive outcome, we should all consider working on the technical side and aspect of designing your website.

Simple and Less Distracting

Many website layout are overly designed, using too many colors, with a lot of elements in the page with pop–ups opening here and there. The site might look good and full of features, but hard to understand, it distract visitors from the purpose of their visit to your webpage. An effective web design should be simple and less distracting.

Not only it will look decent, it will make the site more engaging and make it easier for visitors to navigate your site. It will also mean new business and conversions every time they are not distracted with the process. It is necessary to keep your design simple so as the visitors can find their way customarily and easily. Always think, what is the purpose of your website? By doing so, you will always get a positive results in the end.

Simple But Innovative

To add more details on how to give your site a simple design is by the use of white space. White space is the empty spaces of the page that separate texts, images and graphics, and makes it look less busy. Simple but innovative design and the use of white spaces will create pleasing visual design, less distracting and helps visitors to navigate your page easily. A balanced combination of white space, simplicity and innovation, will make your website more effective and productive.

If you have a specialized market segment, you should consider the web design for your target visitors and must be created specifically to attract them. Research your customers habits on how they would want to view your website from type of images, to colors, text or contents, layouts, and other design features that will be appealing. A design filled with more ads, over–crowded images will just confuse the visitors and ends up leaving your site. Thus, will result to zero conversion or zero purchases.

Design is the Reflection of your Company

The website design is an extension of your company’s personality. That personality is the representation of your service, your mission, your story, your staff and the appearance of your company. Incorporating a web design that would highlight your company’s unique qualities requires both minor and major details which will altogether fit seamlessly. Therefore, create a visual presentation precisely that will best serve to support the reflection of your company.

Inspire Visitors in Looking Further

Create your homepage that will both have a pleasing design and usability. Your homepage design is a reflection of your company, its sole purpose is to attract visitors and make them stay to convert. So every design features should have a specific purpose to inspire visitors in looking further and make them find out more about your website.

Leave nothing to chance, design your site by leading the visitors where you need them to go. Build your site by considering the user experience in your web design, and later they will be converted and become a buying customer.

Understand Easily

The element of your visual presentation must clearly convey that your site is the place to solve their particular problems or needs. The use of balance between white spaces and images are just one part of these principles.

Another factor to consider is visitors should understand easily each of the texts, phrases, images and layouts without making any confusion. By using terms that are less commonly used words or unrelated images will get them confused and leave your site instantly, hence you will lose visitors and possible buying customers.

For sites not complying to this philosophy, it will mean less chance of having a positive conversion in the end. All site content and visual elements that are designed clearly and decently will always have a higher percentage of conversion rate.

Proper Placement of Visual Presentation

Once you have done your research and identified what visual elements will be appealing for visitors, use contents that are easily understandable to lead for a higher conversion rate. The next important factor is the proper placement of visual presentation to have a successful website design.

It is necessary to build a design that will direct the visitors and to make them focus their attentions. Design elements that can portray a directed arrow causing the eyes to focus on one direction only. Thus, achieving visitors attention by keeping focus where you need them to go.

By carefully planning your visual design and placing them on the right locations, this will give your site a higher number of visitors that will become potential buyers and convert.

We hope this gave you insight and inspiration in building your website. Here at Altin Design, we are focused in designing and building websites that are simple and goal oriented, to best fit all the principles and are SEO-centric. If this has got you interested in our services, call or contact us via email for quotation.

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