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Mobile Applications

People today are using mobile devices more and more—and not just for surfing the web. In order for your business to interact with mobile customers you need mobile applications that provide value, interaction, and feedback. Having a well designed and highly functional app increases your ability to interact with customers, push marketing messages directly to their phones, and increases your bottom line.

When you need apps, AltinDesign’s experts can build them for you. We will take your concept for a business app, refine it, build it, and turn it into a highly proficient tool that others can use and enjoy. We also carefully test your app to ensure that it is highly functional, easily navigable, and efficient.

Our experts design and create applications that are multi-format and multi-lingual. They can be used on various platforms including the iPad, iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices. Learn more about our app services by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Mobile Website

When your responsive website doesn’t cut it, you may need a mobile website designed specifically for mobile devices. If your responsive website has lower conversions than expected, this may be because your customers are looking for an optimized mobile experience.

Instead of a responsive designed website, a mobile website designed for your users can result in improved page load-time,  simplified navigation, and higher conversions from your website, such as newsletter sign-up or on-click purchase. Failure to notice and/or adapt to this emerging paradigm can result in lost revenue.

To garner more business, AltinDesign is ready to create the most attractive and convenient mobile website for you. We have been creating mobile websites for well over a decade, with many businesses, and across multiple industry verticals. We ensure that users can easily buy from your site, get directions to your location and call you (with our “Click-to-call” feature).

While designing your mobile website, we always keep in mind your brand and that of your competitors – making your site unique and able to impress your visitors. AltinDesign will give you the power to further tap into the market of mobile users and increase your bottom line.

Mobile Marketing

Every business today needs to have a highly developed marketing strategy for targeting mobile internet users. Companies like Morgan Stanley are already telling us that within five years, people will be accessing the internet more with mobile devices than with PC’s. This strategy needs to include much more than just having webpages that can be read by mobile devices; there needs to be an integrated approach that specifically attracts the needs and habits of these users.

Mobile device users have different needs than those who use a PC. Mobile users are often looking for information on the fly and will often act on an impulse. They like their information to be detailed, but condensed enough so it can be read fast. They also expect your website to respond quickly and be easy to navigate – without having to think about it.

It’s our goal at AltinDesign to give your users everything they expect and more. We carefully study your target market, and leverage our experience in creating webpages for mobile devices to deliver an outstanding product. We can also provide high quality targeted marketing campaigns that are sure to engage your mobile device users.

AltinDesign designs and creates highly effective marketing programs for mobile device users. We understand the needs, drives, and actions of this rapidly growing market.

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